Aavikko : Okeanos

Aavikko: Okeanos



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Aavikko’s new album Okeanos witnesses the Finnish synth ensemble following the lead of dolphins and returning to the ocean. The band’s leap of faith completes the mytho-evolutionary cycle of rhythm and melody by dissolving the two in the pelagic plains of harmony. Abandoning the rhythm tracks of their terrestrial past altogether, Okeanos explores the tuna-free harmony and drama of sentient beings like Opo the Lone Dolphin. The album delves into the unpredictable fury of the abysmal depths and glides gleefully on the waves combining the Greek mythology with the oceanic soundscapes of the analog synthesisers. Recorded in two consecutive summers at exactly the same time and location in a hideout in the Finnish countryside, the album marks the launch of the novel genre of ”New Age of Muysic”.

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