Aznavour, Charles : Greatest Golden Hits

Aznavour, Charles: Greatest Golden Hits

Greatest Golden Hits

Aznavour, Charles

Angel Records
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Список композиций

1 After Loving You 2 Happy Anniversary 3 It Will Be My Day 4 La Boheme 5 She 6 The Old Fashioned Way 7 What Makes a Man 8 Yesterday when I Was Young 9 You’Ve Got to Learn 10 How Sad Venice Can Be 11 Ave Maria 12 Hold Back the Night 13 I Didn’t See the Time Go by 14 I’Ll Be There 15 The Times We’Ve Known 16 You’Ve Let Yourself Go 17 La Baraka 18 And I in My Chair 19 Sunday’s Not My Day 20 A Blue Like the Blue of Your Eyes

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