Bon Jovi : Many faces of Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi: Many faces of Bon Jovi

Many faces of Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

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Список композиций

CD1: The Best Of John Bon Jovi
1. Who Said It Would Last Forever
2. Don’t Leave Me Tonight
3. Open Your Heart
4. Talkin’ In Your Sleep
5. No One Does It Like You
6. All Talk, No Action
7. More Than We Bargained For
8. For You
9. Stringin’ A Line
10. Hollywood Dreams
11. Don’t You Believe Him
12. Head Over Heels
13. What You Want
14. Don’t Keep Me Wondering
CD2: Richie Sambora & Bruce Foster : The Shark Frenzy Years
1. Southern Belle
2. Come Saturday Night
3. I Need Your Love
4. Platinum Heroes
5. Laura’s Birthday
6. Live Fast, Love Hars, Die Young
7. The Power
8. Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me Now
9. Law Of The Jungle
10. The Ones With Angel Eyes
11. Into The Night
12. Nobody
13. I’ll Play The Fool
14. Confessions Of A Teenage Lycanthrope
CD3: The Songs
1. Livin’ On A Prayer – Derrick LeFevre
2. Bad Medicine – Born Again
3. Blazy Of Glory – Richard Kendrick
4. I’ll Be There For You – Jasy Andrews
5. You Give Love A Bad Name – Corey Craven
6. It’s My Life – The Issues
7. Wanted Dead Or Alive – Tony Janglone Jr.
8. Born To Be My Baby – Medicine X
9. Never Say Goodbye – Andrew Walker
10. Always – Coli Brice
11. Lay Your Hands On Me – Strangers Anymore
12. Stick To Your Guns – Jason & Jasy Andrews
13. Billy Get Your Gun – One

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