Brigg : Brigg

Brigg: Brigg



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Recorded in Northumberland, PA in 1973, Brigg was the fledgling effort by high school
buddies Rusty Foulke, Jeff Willoughby and Rob Morse. While Willoughby and Foulke
would go on to greater glory in the early 1980s with the well-known band Hybrid Ice
(whose song “Magdalene” was famously covered by Boston on their album Walk On),
this would be the last anyone would ever hear of Brigg. Long out-of-print, this rare album
of early seventies rock is an interesting glimpse into the formative years of Hybrid Ice.

Track list – SIDE A: 1. Hey Mister 2. Universe 3. Took It Away 4. New Found Rain SIDE B: 1. If Only You Could See
Me Now 2. The War Is Over 3. Linda 4. And You Know 5. Sneaker Tongue

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