Deracination : Times of Atrocity

Deracination: Times of Atrocity

Times of Atrocity


Dark Symphonies
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DARK SYMPHONIES is proud to announce our cooperation with Christian Death metal act DERACINATION to reissue their ultra-rare, highly sought after self financed 1992 CD “Times Of Atrocity”. As a bonus we will be including the band’s equally rare 1992 demo. Almost 80 minutes of full-on, in your face, crushing death / grind metal bringing to mind early Mortification and Living Sacrifice. Last, we will include a second bonus CD with the bands pre-DERACINATION thrash metal incarnation HOLY RITE – Mosh for the Master. In 1989 Holy Rite was formed with a desire to play music together and as the band’s influences were heavy metal/Thrash. The band had a desire to play loud and heavy with lyrics that had a positive message, being Christians in a band but not out to preach to people. They changed the name to Deracination as another band was using Holy Rite and recorded their debut CD as Deracination at Machine Head Studio?s which is no longer in operation, as always when it came to the end of recording ran out of money and this had an affect on the end result as it was never mastered or properly mixed and with the limited technology from the early 90?s wasn?t able to fix the problems with the recording, but it was still was quite well received. During their Australian tour and release of their album, 2 members left the band due to personal reasons and with the new line up, it also changed the direction of the music but not intentionally to a much darker heavier sound which led us to record the final cassette tape as Deracination, and was never released on CD. Only a very small amount of about 250 were made.

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