Electrocution : Inside the Unreal

Electrocution: Inside the Unreal

Inside the Unreal


Dark Symphonies
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DARK SYMPHONIES is proud to announce our cooperation with Italy’s cult death metal act ELECTROCUTION, to reissue their amazing 1993 debut album “Inside The unreal”, complete with the original cover artwork from the original Contempo Records release. Also included are lyrics, classic band photos and new liner notes. Additionally, we will be including a bonus CD with the bands ?No Rest in Peace” 1990 demo, ?The Real Doom” 1991 demo, ?Remains” 1991 demo, ?Water Mirror” 1994 7” EP and “Seamed with Scars” 1994 Split EP all making their CD debut. Electrocution reached cult status for their acclaimed 1993 album “Inside The Unreal”, currently one of the most wanted death-metal records, with fans and collectors all over the world scanning stores and the internet in search of rare copies. Through 1990 and 1991 the band released 2 demo-tapes that quickly set them apart for their impressive instrumental and songwriting skills. Their second demo, “The Real Doom” got them signed with Rosemary Records (Contempo/EMI) which released their debut full-length “Inside The Unreal” in the spring of 1993 (recorded in November 1992). The album was an instant success in sales and the buzz around Electrocution dramatically increased after their memorable live performances on tour with such bands as Death, Carcass, Benediction and Motörhead among others. “Inside The Unreal” was the first international, major distributed death-metal release for an Italian band and became a true milestone for fans and later inspired bands with its brutal and eclectic sound.

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