Frehley, Ace : Bronx Boy

Frehley, Ace: Bronx Boy

Bronx Boy

Frehley, Ace

Ent. One Music
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12" 26,99 €

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Список композиций

- Disc 1 – 1 Bronx Boy 2 Reckless Raw Remix – Disc 2 – 1 White Room 2 Cold Gin (Feat. Mike McCready)

KISS guitarist Ace Frehley returns with the physical debut of “Bronx Boy,” the first song from an all-new, untitled full-length solo LP to be released in the Summer of 2018. Says Rolling Stone of the lead teaser track: “The gritty first single from his upcoming eighth studio album, (finds Frehley) snarling over a raw hard rock riff and squealing guitar solos.” Issued on colored 12” vinyl, Bronx Boy is rounded out by a previously unreleased remix of the Space Invader track “Reckless,” Ace’s most popular cover from Origins Vol. 1 (“White Room”) and the Origins Vol. 1 cover of his own Kiss cut “Cold Gin” with a special guest appearance by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready on guitar. Sure to be a highly sought after collector’s item for Ace and KISS fans worldwide!

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