Hawaii : Loud Wild and Heavy

Hawaii: Loud Wild and Heavy

Loud Wild and Heavy


No Remorse Records
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HAWAII (the band and the island) represents a unique and very unsettling chapter in my career. The band had a unique cast of characters in and around it, and a great story line, but we couldn’t slay the beast that was battling us every step of the way – the fact that we were on a tiny island literally in the middle of the ocean” – Marty Friedman
Originally released in 1984 on vinyl only, HAWAII’s “Loud, Wild And Heavy” represents a unique chapter in the early career of guitar metal virtuoso Marty Friedman (solo, ex-MEGADETH, ex-CACOPHONY). “Loud, Wild And Heavy” will be reissued for first time officially on CD format, mastered by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, HEXX, PAGAN ALTAR), including bonus material and extended new liner notes written by Marty Friedman.

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