Herman, Benjamin : Campert

Herman, Benjamin: Campert


Herman, Benjamin

Music on Vinyl
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Список композиций

Side A
1. Main title 2. Backdrop 1 3. Catnap 4. Title F#Minor 5. I Dreamed In The Cities At Night 6. Mu Calling Ca 7. Coffee

Side B
1. Title Solo Piano 2. Backdrop 2 3. Lamento 4. End Title 5. Cleo 6. Lamento featuring Remco Campert

Remco Campert is one of the greatest Dutch writers of our time. The film portrait ‘Tijd Duurt Één Mens Lang’ [‘Time Takes A Man A Lifetime’] shows the writer as he is today – looking back without regret. Campert is alone in his study, thinking, writing, smoking… Talking about the process of composing poetry. Conquering the world, or at least contributing something to it… however little. The film was shown for the first time at the GDMW festival in Rotterdam, 29 September 2006.
In November 2007, New Cool Collective sax virtuoso Benjamin Herman released an album inspired by the Dutch “Vijftigers” writer Remco Campert. Starting point of this album was the 15 minute soundtrack Herman wrote for a documentary about this legendary writer. Inspired by Campert’s poetry, Benjamin decided to go back into the studio and extend the material and record some extra tracks. The well received album of Benjamin Herman Campert is the result.

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