Madness : Keep moving

Madness: Keep moving

Keep moving


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Union Square Music’s 30th Anniversary Madness reissue campaign continues with Keep Moving, the band’s fifth – and possibly most mature – album. Its release, in 1984, was tinged with sadness, as it would be the band’s last offering with the original line-up until 1999’s ‘Wonderful’ comeback. That said, the album and the songs on it did not suffer and some consider ‘Keep Moving’ to be Madness’s most sophisticated album, dealing with issues of homelessness, politics and spousal abuse in typically sensitive fashion. The original album features the hit singles ‘Michael Caine’ (which few knew at the time to be about the plight of IRA informants) and the fantastically melancholy ‘One Better Day’. The bonus tracks include some of Madness’s best-loved songs: ‘Wings Of A Dove’ and ‘The Sun And The Rain’ proving that Madness, at this point in their career, were just as life-affirming as they ever were.

CD1 The Original Album

1. Keep Moving 2. Michael Caine 3. Turning Blue 4. One Better Day 5. March Of The Gherkins 6. Waltz Into Mischief 7. Brand New Beat 8. Victoria Gardens 9. Samantha 10. Time For Tea 11. Prospects 12. Give Me A Reason

The Promo Videos

1. Wings Of A Dove 2. The Sun And The Rain 3. Michael Caine 4. One Better Day

CD2 The Bonus Tracks

1. Wings Of A Dove (7” Single) 2. Behind The 8 Ball (B-Side “Wings Of A Dove” 7”) 3. One Second’s Thoughtlessness (B-Side “Wings Of A Dove” 12”) 4. Wings Of A Dove (12” Blue Train Mix) 5. The Sun And The Rain (7” Single) 6. Fireball XL5 (B-Side “The Sun And The Rain” 7”) 7. My Girl (Live) (B-Side “The Sun And The Rain” 12”) 8. The Sun And The Rain (12” Extended Version) 9. Michael Caine (12” Extended Version) 10. If You Think There’s Something (B-Side “Michael Caine” 7”) 11. Guns (B-Side “One Better Day” 7”) 12. Sarah (B-Side “One Better Day” 12”) 13. Victoria Gardens (Re-Mix) (B-Side “One Better Day” 12”)

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