Psycheground : Psychedelic And Underground Music

Psycheground: Psychedelic And Underground Music

Psychedelic And Underground Music


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Список композиций

A mysterious studio group that only released one ultra-rare album for the small Lupus label. Behind the name The Psycheground Group hid the musicians of Nuova Idea, in their first line-up. The album is all instrumental, composed of five long tracks, in the same style as Blue Phantom or The Underground Set, and had in common with the latter group the name of Ninety (producer Giampiero Reverberi) behind them. Reverberi composed the whole album, which was recorded in his own studio. This version is a limited edition repress of only 200 copies.

Side A:
A1 Psycheground A2 Easy

Side B:
B1 Traffic B2 Ray B3 Tube

Psycheground - Tube

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