Scott, Tony : The chief & Expressions from the soul

Scott, Tony: The chief & Expressions from the soul

The chief & Expressions from the soul

Scott, Tony

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Список композиций

Side A – The Chief
1. The Chief (Remix) 2. Get Into It* (Remix) (Bonus Track) 3. A Little Message 4. I Know You Want It (Dance) 5. Somebody 6. Gangster Boogie

Side B
1. Don’t Jack The Spot 2. Still Climbing 3. That’s How I’m Living (Extended Remix) 4. We’re All In This Together 5. Time Is Running 6. Pick Up The Piece (Radio-Edit) – B.E.W.A.R.E. & Tony Scott/All Star Fresh (Bonus Track

Side C – Expressions From The Soul
1. Can’t Trust A Big Butt ‘N A Smile 2. From Da Soul 3. Love Let Love (Radio-Edit) 4. Just To Be With You 5. Fingerlickin’ 6. P.T.Y.P

Side D
1. Gittin’ Juicy 2. Some Try To Avoid (They Get None) 3. Don’t Even Try It 4. Gimme Some (Swing It Baby) 5. Blessed With A Talent 6. Expressions 7. It’s The X (Bonus Track)

The first album of Dutch rapper Tony Scott’s The Chief (1989) achieved #13 in the Dutch album charts and spawned three hit-singles: “That’s How I’m Living”, “Gangster Boogie” and his biggest hit “Get Into It”, which reached to #4 in the Dutch singles charts.
The follow-up album Expressions From The Soul from 1991 contained several minor hits like “Love Let Love” and gave Tony Scott the chance to work with famous Dutch DJ and producer Ben Liebrand and collaborations with Boyz II Men.
In 2015, Tony Scott has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This Special Edition 2LP is released to coincide with his final appearance/ performance at the benefit concert which has been put together by Ben Liebrand on February 15th at Paradiso, Amsterdam. This limited double album contains all the original tracks plus the bonus tracks “B.E.W.A.R.E. & Tony Scott – Pick Up The Pieces” (his first appearance on vinyl) and “It’s The X” plus the original remix version of his biggest hit “Get Into It”.
All proceeds of the album’s sales will go to the Dutch MS Fund in the Netherlands. All participants (Rhythm Records, the Record Industry pressing plant, Bertus Distribution, Music On Vinyl and many others) have contributed all their efforts to establish this release.

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