Soundtrack / Debney, John : The passion of the christ

Soundtrack: The passion of the christ

The passion of the christ

Soundtrack / Debney, John

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Список композиций

Side A
1. The Olive Garden / Night Sky
2. Bearing the Cross
3. Jesus Arrested
4. Peter Denies Jesus
5. The Stoning
6. Song of Complaint
7. Simon Is Dismissed
8. Flagellation / Dark Choir / Disciplines
9. Mary Goes To Jesus

Side B
1. Peaceful But Primitive / Procession
2. Crucifixion
3. Raising the Cross
4. It Is Done
5. Jesus Is Carried Down
6. Resurrection

Passion of the Christ (2004), composed by John Debney, is the original score for el isons controersial film The Passion of the Christ. The soundtrack received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score and it as on the first place in oth op hristian lums and op Soundtracks in 2004. In 2005, the album won a Dove Award for Instrumental album of the year at the 36th GMA Dove Awards.
The soundtrack succeeds as a coherent, moving, wellexecuted musical statement whether or not has seen the film. he alum is a comination of fol instruments Eastern-tinged harmonics, solo, and choral voices. Debney has used the Indian master violinist and vocalist L. Shankar, and singer/double-violinist Gingger Shankar.
Debney’s soundtrack is an interesting and highly recommended work. It will offer those who choose to encounter it a far-reaching and deeply affective listening experience that is as aesthetically beautiful and unsetting as it is evocatively familiar.

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