STUD : Circle Of Lies

STUD: Circle Of Lies

Circle Of Lies


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“Circle of lies” is STUD’s 3rd album and it contains some of the strongest material from the band.
The lyrics reflect the anxiety and frustration of the world around us, still managing to maintain a positive vibe.
“Eyes of hurricane”, “Circle of lies” and “Hey you” have already been released as singles.
The album will certainly please the STUD-fans around the world.

1. Hey You 4:33
2. Circle Of Lies 4:55
3. Searching For Freedom 4:07
4. No Hero 4:38
5. More Than A Woman 3:50
6. Eyes Of Hurricane 4:56
7. Seems To Be Right 3:11
8. Real Man 4:19
9. You and I 3:58
10. Face Down 3:36

STUD - Eyes Of Hurricane (single 2017)

STUD - Hey You (single 2017, lyric video)

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