STUD : Rust on the rose

STUD: Rust on the rose

Rust on the rose


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Hard rock and melodic metal at its best.
Rust On The Rose is a follow-up to STUD’s smashing “Out of the darkness” debut.
The title song “Rust on the rose” and the hard hittin’ “Freedom call” have begun favorites among fans.
This album is ready to take you on a ride to rock’n roll world.

1. Raise Your Fist
2. Rock’n Roll World
3. Rust On The Rose
4. We’re Gonna Strike
5. Poor Man’s Buddy
6. Promised To Be Mine
7. Freedom Call
8. Break The Chains
9. I Don’t Know
10. Dangerous
11. Playing To Win

STUD - Raise Your Fist (lyric video)

STUD - Rust On The Rose (lyric video)

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