Troum / Yen Pox : Mnemonic Induction

Troum: Mnemonic Induction

Mnemonic Induction

Troum / Yen Pox

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“ ‘All minds dream, and all dreams are flavored with madness…’
Completely re-mastered re-issue of this much requested dark dream-opus from 2002, now bringing out more sound details inside the endless amorphous morass; 4 movements, 63+ min. long. Comes with NEW artwork by GYDJA incl. the ‘dream essay’ by R.B. HENSLEY that should be read accompanying during this subconscious/subsonic experience..
“How could this be anything but perfect? Two of the most capable ambient projects of the current generation doing what they do best: dark ambient. I’m tempted to say nothing except that this is exactly what you hope it will be. Dark, escalating, imperious walls and oceans of titanic sound. Swelling currents of icy miasma swirling endlessly on through a descending subterranean river five miles wide. It rumbles and groans and shudders for ages. How does one get so much depth out of sound? …. The listener can penetrate so far into this landscape. The tones are so elaborately pieced together that the forefront is gauzy, wispy, ghostlike. On the horizon are huge stone structures, mountains, tornados of power but far away and almost invisible to the ear. Affecting you only by subsonic booms that rattle the soles of your feet. You can almost step into this and turn around on your heels, face your room and watch your body recede as you slip slowly away on a living ocean of sound.” [Malignant Records]

“German drone artist Troum and the American dark ambient project Yen Pox collaborate on one of the best albums released so far this year. Some might say that ‘Mnemonic Induction’ would make a great soundtrack for a film, and while that may be true, it would totally ruin the album. Other people’s images associated with this cd would never do it justice. Like they say, nothing can be worse (better than?) your own imagination, and such is the case here. The four long, untitled tracks have one thing in common, a deep brooding low end drone that gave my subwoofers a much needed work out. Layered over top are eerie wails and moans stretched out to inhuman lengths while bleak rumblings phase in and out. The best thing about this album is the way in which it is able to capture and hold your attention. Rather than becoming just good background music, it stays active, alternating between soaring expansiveness and claustrophobia. The slick digipack contains a paragraph about dreams and the separation of mind and body, but to use this cd as a dream aid, something to fall asleep to, would be a mistake. What the album does best is not to conjure strange dreams, but to evoke one’s waking memories, and associate the album with one’s own experiences. But try not to dwell on your bad stuff, this album deserves better.” [Brainwashed 2002]

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