Yellow Magic Orchestra : After service

Yellow Magic Orchestra: After service

After service

Yellow Magic Orchestra

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Список композиций

Side A
1. Propaganda 2. 東風 3. Behind The Mask 4. Solid State Survivor 5. 中国女

Side B
1. Ongaku 2. Focus 3. Ballet 4. Wild Ambitions 5. Kai-Koh

Side C
1. 希望の河 2. See-Through 3. Key 4. Technopolis 5. Rydeen

Side D
1. 以心電信 2. 過激な淑女 3. 君に、胸キュン 4. —浮気なヴァカンス— 5. Firecracker

On their 2nd live album, recorded during their 83-84 World Tour and released in 1984, again YMO succeeded in producing a live album with incredible audio quality.
Vibrant, lively, energetic and infectious as ever, the crowds can’t seem to get enough. Listen to this live album and you will want to go back in time to experience the brilliance yourself

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