Amorphis / Kainulainen, Pekka : Taivaan rumpu – Amorphis-sanoituksia

Amorphis: Taivaan rumpu – Amorphis-sanoituksia

Taivaan rumpu – Amorphis-sanoituksia

Amorphis / Kainulainen, Pekka

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Finnish metal music giants will get a well deserved opus, only to be released in Finland!

Many people don’t know that Amorphis’ Kalevala based lyrics of the last albums have not been written by the band, but by an artist named Pekka Kainulainen.

Kainulainen, who has used Kalevala as a theme for his visual art, took the job when the vocalist of Amorphis, Tomi Joutsen, asked him to. The English translations of the lyrics are done by Erkki Virta and Ike Vil (Babylon Whores).

The book also contains the original Finnish lyrics, their translations construed by the band, and black and white illustrations by Mr Kainulainen.

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