Juurikkala, Ville / Kiiveri, Anu / Jyrki 69 : Rock'n'roll Juicer

Juurikkala, Ville: Rock'n'roll Juicer

Rock'n'roll Juicer

Juurikkala, Ville / Kiiveri, Anu / Jyrki 69

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The most Gothic juicing book in the world!

What is juicing? Instead of a fridge full of beer, a juicer and veggies in the fridge can be actually more rock’n‘roll especially if you juice them into a healthy juice and serve it in a Jack Daniels bottle.

The 69 Eyes singer Jyrki 69 got into juicing through his American rockabilly band’s bandmates who seemed to have all the energy into world to keep on rockin’ till the dawn. The secret of The 69 Cats? Juice!

This is a rock’n‘roll coffee table book with 69 rockin’ juicing recipes. The photography is done by one of the most famous Finnish rock photographers Ville Juurikkala.

Green is the new Jack!

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