Suvanto, Mikko : The MEMS Microphone Book

Suvanto, Mikko: The MEMS Microphone Book
Suvanto, Mikko: The MEMS Microphone Book

The MEMS Microphone Book

Suvanto, Mikko

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The MEMS Microphone Book contains: – Highly practical lessons learned on MEMS microphones, accumulated over the course of a successful 20-year career in the field of miniature microphones – Every important piece of knowledge encountered while working for the biggest microphone buyer of its time, and cooperating with world leading microphone suppliers to put 3 billion microphones into the best mobile phones in the market – All the knowhow and insight gathered while working as the microphone product innovation leader in a world leading MEMS company

Topics covered by The MEMS Microphone Book: – The key characteristics of sound and acoustics that affect sound capturing with miniature microphones – The basic structure of a miniature microphone – The structure and functionality of a MEMS microphone – The key factors and parameters that determine the performance and value of a MEMS microphone – Comparison of MEMS microphones to traditional microphone technologies – The key things to know and understand about electroacoustic testing of MEMS microphones – Extensive guidelines on how to implement MEMS microphones into a device acoustically, mechanically and electrically, to reach the best possible sound capturing performance – The importance of high reliability and guidelines on how to achieve it – The key things to know about reliability testing of MEMS microphones – The basics of directional microphone arrays – Wind noise mitigation

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