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Preferred Customer Card

Every order that costs more than 17 euros gives you one stamp, 34 euros two stamps etc. When you have 10 stamps collected, you can add records, shirts or movies worth 17 euros for free. For example, if you first order products worth 102 euros, you'll get 6 stamps. Next time, if your order is worth 85 euros, your preferred customer card gets filled up and we automatically subtract the 17 euros from your order. The discount doesn't give you stamps, so you'll get it when you have 10 stamps collected and add products worth 17 euros more.

Customer card is valid for one year from the day you got the first stamp.

To get discounts you need to register.

You will get stamps from all of our products. You cannot get stamps from the postage, though. Also, the money left over from your order won't be used when calculating the stamps for your next order.