As I Lay Dying : This is who we are

As I Lay Dying: This is who we are

This is who we are

As I Lay Dying

Metal Blade
Год выпуска
3DVD 26,99 €

Доставка в течение 1-2 месяцев. Add a few days if outside Finland.

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Список композиций

Disc #1 – Main Documentary
(approx. 120Min.)

Complete band history includes in depth
artist interviews and commentary,
interviews with friends, family as well as
observations and road stories from
colleagues and bands that have worked
with and befriended AS I LAY DYING.

Disc #2 – LIVE performances
(approx. 90Min.)

1. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
2. Forever
3. Meaning in Tragedy
4. The Darkest Nights
5. Separation
6. Nothing Left
7. An Ocean Between Us
8. Within Destruction
9. Forsaken
10. Distance is Darkness
11. The Sound of Truth
12. 94 Hours
13. Through Struggle – Wacken Open Air
14. Reflection – With Full Force Festival
15. I Never Wanted
16. Confined – Wacken Open Air

Disc #3 – ALL music videos and bonus features

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