Bayley, Blaze : Live in Czech

Bayley, Blaze: Live in Czech

Live in Czech

Bayley, Blaze

Год выпуска
2DVD 16,99 €

Доставка в течение 2-3 недель. Add a few days if outside Finland.

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Список композиций

Disc One
1. The Dark Side of Black
2. A Thousand Years
3. Dark Energy 256
4. The World Is Turning the Wrong Way
5. Human
6. Together We Can Move the Sun
7. Solar Wind
8. Virus
9. Life Goes On
10. Fight Back
11. Silicon Messiah
12. The Day I Fell to Earth
13. Eagle Spirit
14. Calling You Home
15. Stare at The Sun
16. Man On The Edge
17. Futureal
18. The Clansman
Disc Two
‘The Road to Brno’ – behind the scenes rockumentary

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