Cripple Bastards : Blackmails and assholism

Cripple Bastards: Blackmails and assholism

Blackmails and assholism

Cripple Bastards

Obscene Productions
2DVD 27,99 €

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Список композиций

DVD 1 – 1988-1998 documentary: a 1h and 40min documentary about CB’s history in the first 10 years (1988-1988) with interviews to the former members and a lot of rare, restored VHS footage showing the Bastards at their very beginning. – video-report of the first US tour (East Coast 2002) including the notorious ABC No Rio case and more stuff related – video-report of the second US tour (West Coast 2003) with PHOBIA including shows in California, Seattle, Denver, Texas and Tijuana/Mexico – extras/trailer

DVD 2 – 1998-2007 documentary: a 3 hour film riding thru the basic features that consolidated the band’s style and negative fame in the last decade. Interviews with the current members, a history of CB related to the many tours and festivals (5 times at Obscene Extreme, tours with Ratos de Porao etc), reports and tips on each album and a huge part explaining/showing in detail how the band’s controversy and “assholism” has born and widespread all over the years. – Live @ Obscene Extreme 2003: 4 camera take of Cripple Bastards’ complete show at Obscene Extreme Festival 2003

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