Slipknot : Voliminal -Inside the Nine

Slipknot: Voliminal -Inside the Nine

Voliminal -Inside the Nine


Roadrunner Records
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Список композиций

Disc 1 features a 90-minute film, created and directed by M. Shawn Crahan (Clown) that gives the Slipknot fan a window into the world of the band as seen through the mind of its creator. The film was shot on hand-held cameras and, as a result, is brutally honest and visually unique. The sound and visual edits are intense, disturbing and jarring while the cinematography brings the viewer as close as one can get to the band. Buried in Disc 1 are nine different %u201Crabbit holes,%u201D that, when activated, will show a short vignette of each one of the nine members of the band. Not the typical extra footage often found as %u201Ceaster eggs%u201D on the average DVD, this footage contains some of the most surprising and revealing elements on the DVD.

Disc 2 features three main elements %u2013 live footage, music videos and interviews with each member of the band. The live shows were captured at various venues around the world and show Slipknot in unique and somewhat unconventional settings. Everything from outdoor and daytime shows all the way to television award-show performances are included as well as the music videos for “Duality”, “Vermilion,” “Before I Forget,” “The Nameless,” and the controversial video for %u201CVermilion 2,%u201D which was never officially released. Additionally, for the first time ever, fans get an up-close look at the band’s %u201CDeath Masks%u201D used onstage during this tour.

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