West, Kanye / Xzibit / G Unit : Mixtape. Inc.

West, Kanye: Mixtape. Inc.

Mixtape. Inc.

West, Kanye / Xzibit / G Unit

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Список композиций

An in-depth, unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into the gritty world of illegal Hop-Hop Mix tapes. There’s a battle brewing with the Mixtape DJs, Performers, Retailers and Buyers on one side and the multi-billion dollar record labels and copyright infringement authorities (RIAA) on the other. It’s a love/hate relationship and some have paid the price: jail, fines and more. Yet, mixtapes have become an important and hot part of the Hip-Hop culture, revolutionized the Hip-Hop music industry and changed the way we hear and buy Hip-Hop music. The financial stakes are extremely high. These entrepreneurial compilations are now the root of a new power struggle-the urban streets of America and Mixtapes (the other music industry) vs. The traditional corporate music industry. This documentary will take you inside the riveting unflinching dramas of this volcanic battle.

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