Lumineers : Seeds 1: angela and long way from home

Lumineers: Seeds 1: angela and long way from home

Seeds 1: angela and long way from home


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Since the release of Cleopatra in April 2016, The Lumineers have been going non-stop. They embarked on a world tour soon after the album came out, city after city, to increasingly larger and more packed venues. They’re making their presence known in arenas now, including two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden and will be gracing stadiums this summer opening for U2. During this crazy time, though, the band tries to keep level heads: they try to remember where they are coming from, and at the root of it, what the songs are really saying. Thus, Song Seeds was born. This Record Store Day exclusive 10” includes three versions of two tracks from Cleopatra, each recorded at a different point in the song’s life. There’s the “seed”, which is the early demo version, the album cut and a live version pulled from of the shows on the tour. This particular record features seeds of “Angela” and “Long Way From Home” and it’s a great piece for anyone who loves the band and wants to feel a part of their creative process.

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