Professor Black : You Bastard!

Professor Black: You Bastard!

You Bastard!

Professor Black

Ektro Records
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The debut EP from PROFESSOR BLACK is a six-song slammer of heavy metal rock and roll entitled You Bastard! These songs had been iced for a while, but now, as they say, it’s out of the freezer and into the fryer!

Recorded in 2017, You Bastard! uniquely connects Chris “Professor” Black’s grim past fronting SUPERCHRIST to his unknown future as a solo act. It’s a metamorphosis of sorts, although little has changed, and as introductions go, it’s genuine: the Professor’s pockets have always run deep with sexy Scandi-rockers like “Act Alone”, speedy motorizers such as “Stuck in the USA”, and steely shuffles a la “I’ve Had Enough”.

Despite its title, You Bastard! is not auto-biographical, nor even biographical. Conspiracy theorists will find kernels of hard truth throughout the lyrics, and this may be part of the appeal. But far more provocative are the pounding drums, blazing guitars, and skyscraper-choruses, all recorded by Mr. Black himself and mixed by longtime colleague Sanford Parker.

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